Not every shopper has a need, or capability, to buy a brand-new car when the time comes. Some drivers can afford to be a little less picky when selecting their next mode of transportation. Whether because of their budget, or desire, it is nice to have some cost-efficient used vehicle options at your disposal. That is why 77 Auto provides a great selection of used models for under $20,000 in Rock Hill, SC.

Like your budget, you might have a different reason to need a new-to-you car than other drivers around Lancaster. That is why 77 Auto gives drivers a variety of great used models to explore. Imagine yourself in a stylish Kia SUV. Or put a rugged Chevy truck to work for you in Pineville. Or send your teen off to campus in style in a cool Hyundai sedan. Best of all, each model is sure to fit in your ideal price range.

Like all the other used options that find their way into our lot, these models get a thorough inspection and seal of approval from our service experts before making them available to you. So, you know, even though you are saving thousands of dollars, you won't be getting a cut-rate car. Rest assured, you'll have access to high-quality, low-cost cars designed to fit your need.

Just because you need a new car to get your or your family around Fort Mill doesn't mean you need to pay beyond your means. Even some used car options may seem out of reach. When you shop our selection of Bargain used cars, the price should never be a concern. Find the model you love and talk with our friendly financing center specialists. They will work with you to make sure the car you love works for your plans.

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