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Use Our Payment Calculator to Determine Your Monthly Payments

When you're trying to find the right vehicle for you, price is a big purchasing point. You need to find a vehicle that fits you, your family, and your driving style, as well as one that matches your monthly budget. The best way to enhance your buying power is to discover what price range is right for you. Our online payment calculator can help you calculate what your monthly payments may look like for the vehicle you love.

How Does Our Payment Calculator Work?

Our online payment calculator can be accessed from any Pineville, Fort Mill, or beyond area. Simply click on the payment calculator and input the information required. Follow these steps, and you'll find the estimated amount for you.

  1. Desired Monthly Payment - How much would you prefer to spend every month?
  2. Vehicle Style - What type of body style are you looking for?
  3. Down Payment - How much do you have for a down payment?
  4. Trade-In - Do you have a trade-in? Tell us more about it.
  5. Loan Title - Who will be on the title?
  6. Estimated Credit Score - What's your credit score look like?
  7. Contact Information - Fill out the necessary contact information and click submit.

Once you've completed the steps, we'll show you the estimated price range that fits your monthly payment preferences. We can also show you the matching vehicles we currently have in stock.

Contact 77 Auto to Ask Us Your Payment Calculator Questions

Would you like to learn more about our payment calculator and how it works? If so, feel free to reach out from Rock Hill SC, Lancaster, or beyond to our 77 Auto team. We'd love to discuss your many used car purchasing options and help you find the perfect vehicle for your monthly payment preferences.