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It's Easy to Find a Used Car at Our Rock Hill, SC Dealership

You don't have to search far to find a quality used car that you enjoy driving when you shop at our dealership in Rock Hill, SC. We have quality models that are in excellent shape and don't have a lot of miles on the odometer. When you want a reliable car to drive around town, you can expect to find used SUVs and used sedans at 77 Auto. We even have used vehicles under $20,000 if you want to spend less without compromising on the quality of the car you purchase.


Our dealership is a great place to find your second family car or a vehicle you need to use on job sites. You can tell us what you need to ensure we can allow you to have a smooth and easy process.

Our Inventory is Always Changing

One of the reasons our dealership near Pineville is a leader in the industry is because our inventory is always changing. It's easy to find different vehicles any time of the month because of how quickly we sell our cars and add new models to our lot. The diversity we offer means you can be more selective about what you choose to drive. You can find high-quality used SUVs, trucks, and cars at our Rock Hill dealership.


We Sell Used Trucks, SUVs, and Sedans

Our used trucks, SUVs, and sedans are in great shape, and many still look new. You can expect to find some of the industry's top brands, models, and trims. We offer competitive prices on all our models to ensure you can get a great deal and upgrade to your dream vehicle while staying within your budget.

Our pre-owned trucks, sedans, and SUVs have quality materials and meet our high standards. The spacious cabins of trucks and SUVs make them ideal for traveling with your family without compromising on your level of comfort. If you're looking to tow gear around Fort Mill, our used pickup trucks will make a great option. We encourage you to view our inventory to pick your preferred truck, car, or SUV.

Used Ford Models

Many of our loyal customers continue to return to our dealership because of the used Ford models we have available. You can expect to find a variety of body types to ensure all of our drivers feel accommodated on the road.

You can regularly find used Ford trucks at our dealership near Lancaster, including the Ford F-150. This model boasts an impressive level of performance and reliability when you want to own a versatile truck that can take on plenty of challenges on the road.

Vehicles Under $20k

Not only do we offer competitive prices on all our used models, but it's easy to find plenty of vehicles priced below $20,000. Whether you need to drive a used sedan for commuting or you're looking to own a minivan, you can expect to find models that are gently used and will prove to offer longevity in the coming years.

We can assist you in test driving any of the vehicles to ensure you can experience the acceleration, steering, and performance. Our team is highly knowledgeable about each bargain vehicle we sell to ensure you can learn the ins and outs before moving forward with your purchase.

Expect a Great Experience

We strive to provide you with a great experience as you shop for your next vehicle at our dealership. We encourage you to take your time exploring our inventory without rushing into a purchase. We can help you each step of the process, whether you have questions about the history of each car or you want to find a vehicle with specific features you need in the cabin.

Our team can also notify you when we have new arrivals at our dealership to ensure you can purchase a specific model or trim you want to own. We have your best interest in mind and will do the work to help you land your dream car.